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Vanilla Cream Layers
Mezes Beles

For the dough:

For the cream:



  1. The ingredients, except the flour, are placed in a deep bowl and cooked over water vapor for approx. in 10 minutes. Remove from the steam and mix the flour while still warm. While kneading, you need to flour a lot because it’s a little sticky dough.

  2. Divide into 4 parts and bake the plates on the back of a baking sheet. We slide it even on a hot rack to cool, because if it cools down, on the back of the baking sheet, it can easily break.

  3. Stir in the margarine, sugar and vanilla sugar until smooth. Put the flour in milk, mix it cold (lump-free), then cook it, and when it has cooled, mix it with the cream.

  4. Place the first of the dough sheets in the bottom of a baking sheet and spread half the cream on it. Place the next dough plate on which to smooth a large portion of apricot jam, place the next dough plate and the other half of the cream, and then the last dough sheet is in place.

  5. Cover and rest for a day to soften well. Before serving, sprinkle the top with powdered sugar.

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