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MEET      THE      Cook


             Nurit     Friedman

This is a tribute to all the women in my family.

I learned the love of food and cooking from my mother and aunts, excellent cooks in the tradition of the Jewish Hungarian/Romanian kitchen. Also, from my mother-in-law who taught me about Jewish Bulgarian food.


This is a collection of recipes that were tried, enjoyed and handed down through four generations, starting with my grandmother and her contemporaries as early as 1850 and eventually from my daughter and son, who inherited all the right DNA.

For the most part, these recipes were transferred from mother to daughter, among sisters and cousins, by word of mouth or handwritten personal recipe notes.


This sound base was enriched with newer recipes I have adopted from my friends, influences of modern cooking ideas,  techniques and from years of interest in new recipes and ideas from food magazines, cookbooks, TV food programs and eating in restaurants.


My thanks to all my teachers and to those who enjoyed my cooking and encouraged me with compliments.



My Mother, Adina Drummer (Kratz)
Born April 8, 1920.

Passed away December 1, 2020
Picture taken on her 90th birthday

My mom passed away a couple of months ago.  She was 100 + 6 months years old.

I miss you,   Ima, Mamale, Mom, Anyukam, very much.

Thank you for teaching me how to raise a wonderful family. I hope you were proud of me.


Lulu Green (Kratz), my mother’s sister

Born November 2, 1921

Passed away July  15, 2020

Picture taken on her 90th birthday


Stela Friedman (Sachi), my mother in-law

Born March 19, 1924

Passed away July 27 2016

Picture taken in June 2008


Hana Green (Drummer), my father’s sister

Born August 17, 1914

Passed away January 17, 2003

Picture taken in 1986


Eli Avraham (Drummer), my father’s sister

Born December 31, 1927

Passed away June, 1988

Picture taken 1986


Zevia Kratz (Fried) my maternal grandmother

Born 1897

Passed away 1949

Picture taken in 1947

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