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Stackable Palachinta 


stackable palachinta.jpg
  1. Mix the ingredients for the pancake batter in a bowl and let rest for a few minutes.

  2. Before frying the first pancake, pour a little oil into the hot pan (this will no longer be necessary for the next pancakes, it is enough to get out of the dough).

  3. Bake the pancakes one by one and let them cool.

  4. Until then, mix the minced walnuts with powdered sugar.

  5. Spread a thin layer of apricot jam on the cooled pancakes and sprinkle with the sugared walnuts. Continue layering in this order. Pancakes, jam, walnuts… Pancakes, jam, walnuts…

  6. Finally, melt the 🍫 chocolate over steam and stir in the oil to make our chocolate shine beautifully. Then coat the top layer and allow it to solidify. Serve sliced! 

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