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Short Ribs w/ Couscous

1 lb. bone-in short ribs

4 TBL oil

2 carrots sliced to 3/4" length

1 turnip cut to medium size pieces

2 zucchini sliced to 3/4" length

2 onion cut to medium size pieces

1 sweet potato cut to medium size pieces

4 celery stalks sliced to 3/4" length

1/4 cabbage cut to small wedges

1 can chickpeas

1/4 teas turmeric

8 cups of water




Instant couscous grains are almost as good as the home made that requires special skills as well as special pots and pans


In a heavy pan, heat oil and brown the short ribs, about 4 minutes.

Add vegetables and chickpeas and brown for another 3 minutes.

Add water, salt and pepper, and turmeric.

Cook on medium heat for about an hour or till meat is tender and the amount of liquid is reduced to the consistency of a light stew.


Prepare instant couscous according to package directions

short ribs couscous.png
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