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Red Cabbage Saurkrout

Red cabbage

Salt - 1 generous teaspoon salt for each cup (8 ounces) of water that fits in your pickling Jar

1 hot pepper or 1 teaspoon of crushed hot red pepper



Note :

1. There are many versions of how to make saurkraut.
Most of them are more complicated and claiming that sterilization of the jar is a must. While I can see the point, I have been preparing sourkraut for over 50 years without sterilizing the jars. I  only wash them really well in hot water and dish soap.

 2. In my opinion, the important thing in this process is to make sure that the shredded cabbage in the jar is covered with water at all times. 

3. Use a jar as large or small as the quantity of cabbage you want to prepare. Never fill the jar with less cabbage than it can contain.

First, measure how many cups of water can fit into the Jar you are about to use.

Shred the cabbage coarsely (I use a food processor but it can be done by hand too).

Place the shredded cabbage in the jar, adding the hot pepper about halfway, pressing the cabbage down as much as possible. 

Sprinkle salt on top of the cabbage.

Add the water to the top of the jar.

Cover kraut with a plate or some other lid that fits snugly to pack it down and make sure all is under the liquid at all times.

Place in a place without direct sun, on a piece of cloth that will catch any liquid that may spill out during the fermentation process.


will be done in about 3 days in the summer, 5 days in the winter. Refrigerate when done.

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