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Roasted Root Vegetables

Carrots, sliced diagonally to 1.5" slices

Parsnip, sliced lengthwise and to 1.5" long

Baby potatoes, cut in half

Celery leaves  cut to 1.5" long pieces

Kohlrabi, sliced lengthwise and to 1.5" long

Cloves of garlic, peeled (or a whole head unpeeled)

Onion, cut to chunky pieces

Olive oil




I did not mention quantities because it does not matter, use what you have at home with the proportions that you like. (beets, mushrooms and such also work well with this recipe).


roasted root vagetables.jpg

Prepare all the vegetables. (vegetables may be prepared a day ahead and kept in a sealed plastic bag)

Place in a bowl.

Add salt and pepper.

Drizzle with olive oil, and mix to coat all the vegetables (not too much but be generous, remember what my mother used to say "when done, don't expect to find in the pot what you didn't put in").


Prepare a shallow baking pan (like a cookie sheet). Spray or brush with olive oil.

Place the vegetables on the pan mostly one layer. Try to put all the potatoes cut side down.


Bake in 400F for at about 1 hour, till the vegetables caramelize and look beautiful.


The only "secret" to the success of this dish is let it bake long enough to caramelize which bring out the sweetness of all the vegetables. 5 minutes too long is better than 5 minutes too short.  

onion pieces.jpg
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