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 Nostalgia for Old Recipes

Early in 2000, I  started to realize that many of my mother's generation, on whose phenomenal cooking I grew up, will soon not be around to follow.   

Theirs was a different world of cooking; 

-Some cookbooks but mostly sharing handwritten recipes.  In many cases, the name of the recipe was the name of the woman from whom it was received.

-Cooking technics changed tremendously with the availability of electric types of equipment like food processors,   hi-speed mixing devices, electric and gas easy-to-use ovens, and cooking burners.

-Short and long-term refrigeration available in every home.

-Availability of ingredients.

-Cost of ingredients (add substitute to replace more expensive items).

add more diferenes  here...............

So, I approached several older family members and to my great joy they agreed and were more than happy to give me their old notebooks and single-page notes. A common reaction was: "Oh I am too old to cook, and I don't think my children will want it".

Well - I wanted it !

emoji joy jumping.jpg

I also asked my two close cousins whose moms passed away by that time, and I was hoping to borrow their mothers' books.

Both answered me very sadly: 

Edna said:  "my mother became almost blind during her later years and one day, out of frustration not being able to see her own handwriting, threw it away".   

Rochdale said:  "My mother's 2nd  husband's 3rd  wife through it out".

Just recently, (2021) I asked my sister-in-law, Dafna, if she had her mother's, my mother-in-law, recipes and she said: "It was written in  Bulgarian, which I can't read so I threw it away"

I am sorry she did, if for nothing else to preserve her handwriting.

emoji sad grandma.jpg

Finally, I  was able to collect notes from  7 women (list here). 

My maternal   grandma - Zevia

My aunt - Lulu

A  close relative from the Green Family side - Marika



and finally, most dear and important to me -  my mom's שתבדל לחיים ארוכים who will be 99 in April 2019 (in 2 months)!!!!! (note on  11/22/2021, my mother sadly, since passed away at age 100 and 6 months on Dec. 1, 2020)

Then,  I faced the biggest challenge of this project.   ALL THE RECIPES WERE HANDWRITTEN IN  HUNGARIAN. 

I understand Hungarian and speak quite fluently, but could not read or understand the handwritten  Hungarian.

I had to get help for translations. and I did.


I will add the source and the translator's name next to each recipe that will follow this section, which  I call "Recipe  Nostalgia"

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