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Horseradish Beet

6 large beets (red or golden)

1 medium horseradish root

1/4 cup white vinegar

1 teas. salt

1/4 cup. sugar

horseradish beet.jpg

Soak the horseradish root in water over night. Boil beets in large pot of water until soft (test by inserting a knife into the beet), ~1 hour.

Peel beet and grate in a food processor. (I do it in two steps, first I grate it, than replace the grating disk with the blade and process it for a few seconds only, by turning the food processor on and off).

If too much liquid is produced, drain some out.

Combine rest of the ing.

Peel and grind the horseradish in a food processor to a fine texture.

Make sure it is covered at all time. Exposure quickly diminish the horseradish potency.

Add to beet and mix well

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