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Pureed White Beans
Galerit  Paszuly

  1. 2 lb dried cannelloni beans 

  2. 6 clove garlic, mashed

  3. cooking oil

  4. salt, to taste

  5. pepper to taste

  6. 3 onions

  7. Paprika, to taste Red pepper


galerit paszuly.jpg
  1. I soak the beans a day in advance in cold water.

  2. I a large pot, place beans, salt, garlic and 3 bay leaves.

  3. It should be cooked for a long time until the beans almost disintegrate. Once cooked, strain the juice and put it separately because it will still be needed.


  4. Process in a food processor.

  5.  Stir in some of cooking water.

  1. Meanwhile, cut the 3 head onions into thin slices, put them in plenty of hot oil and fry well, salt and sprinkle with red peppers.

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