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Raspberry Pistachio Cake

8 oz unsalted Butter

2 3/4 Confectioners Sugar

1 cup Pistachio Flour*

3/4 cup Cake Flour

1 teas. Kosher Salt

7 egg whites

1 cup fresh Raspberries

2 TB Demerara Sugar

*to make 1 cup pistachio flour, grind 1 cup pistachio with 1 TB allpurpose flour


Raspberry-Pistachio Brown Butter

Melt butter until brown a little and smells nutty.

Sift together Sugar,pistachio, salt and cake flour.

Wisk in the egg whites to combine.

Wisk in butter to combine.

Cover and chill until get thick (to here can be made up to one week ahead).

Butter 9" tart pan.

Heat oven to 350

Pour batter to tart pan, sprinkle raspberry on top, keeping it 1/2" from edge.

Sprinkle with Demerar Sugar.

Place tart pan on a baking sheet and bake until edge is golden, aboput 35-40 minutes.

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