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Hungarian Monkey Bread

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  1. The room temperature flour is sieved into a bowl.

  2. The milk is flattened, crushed with yeast, added sugar and whipped.

  3. The butter is melted, added to the flour, together with the yolks and the yeast, and kneaded hard to blend. Flatten the top, cover it, and double it.

  4. When done, stretch it to your fingertips and tear it with a tiny patty.

  5. Beat a buttered cake mold, melt the butter, and mix the nuts and sugar.

  6. We take the patties, roll them in the melted butter, roll them in the sugar nuts and line them up in the mold.

  7. When it's all done, cover it in a preheated oven (the walnut can easily get there).

  8. While roasting, make the casserole : Boil the milk with the scraped seeds of the vanilla sticks and remove from the heat.

  9. In another pan, mix the egg yolks with the sugar and flour.

  10. Add vanilla milk gradually and cook over low heat (not very thick, no pudding!).

  11. Wait until the finished golden dumpling has cooled down a little, then tear it (not cut it) and pour it over the neck with the croissant.

  • baking temperature: 200 ° C

  • baking mode: bottom to top baking

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