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Cherry Strudel

1) 1 kg / 35 oz of seedless cherry or sour cherry
2) 400 g / 14 oz of phyllo pastry (12 sheets)
3) 50 g / 2 oz of butter
4) 12 tbsp of semolina
5) 12 tbsp of granulated sugar
6) 1 egg
7) some powdered sugar for garnishing


Cherry Strudel_0.jpg

1) remove seeds and put cherries into a bowl
2) separate 2 pastry sheets, melt butter, then brush pastry with butter just like in the video
3) add again two sheets, brush them as well
4) place a tablespoon of semolina into a strip over buttered pastry sheets
5) put about 1/3 (300 g / 12 oz) of cherries over semolina strip
6) sprinkle over cherries 4 tablespoons of sugar
7) sprinkle 3 tablespoons of semolina over sugar
8) bend pastry edges inwards, then roll sheets as tightly as possible just like in the video
9) put the strudel on a tray with baking paper, then continue identically with the rest of ingredients (finally, you’ll have 3 rolls)
10) break the egg, then beat it with a fork and brush each cherry strudel on top
11) make some notches into rolls to get steam out during baking
12) put the tray into the preheated oven at 180 C / 360 F and wait until Hungarian cherry strudel is golden brown
13) take the tray out from oven when the cake is ready, then wait to cool to room temperature
14) cut Hungarian strudel pieces of the desired size and sprinkle over powdered sugar abundantly (optional)

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