Book 4
 Marika Berger (Green)


Panama Torte
Reform Torte
Roasted hazelnuts Torte
Hazelnuts Torte
Walnuts Torte
Sacher Torte
Mocha Torte
Dates  Torte
Gretchen Torte
Katalin Torte
Coffee Cake
Carob Cake
Farina Torte
Sweet Cheese
Sand Torte
French Torte
Linzer Torte

Chocolate Torte
Cherry Torte
Mikado Cake
Poppy Seed w Cream
Orange Cake
Coffee Cake w Cream
Mixed  Cake
Poppy Seed Cake
Russian Torte
Ilonka Torte
Stephania Torte
Almonds Torte
Cheese Cake
Cold Butter Torte w Coffee Cream
Cocoa Torte
Torte w Vanilla Cream
Lanka Torte
Bohemian Torte
Frozen hazelnuts Torte
Willhelm Torte
Chicago Torte
Pineapple Torte
Strawberry Torte
Cream Torte
Torte Pastiss
Fig Torte w Orange Cream
Macaroon Torte
Grilaz Torte
5 O'Clock Cake
Blue Cake
Almond Bread
Karaway Torte
Biscuit Torte


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Each recipe was Translated to Hebrew by Tunde Kovacs and to English by me, Nurit Friedman.

Since the original was written by the "home cook" for her own use, it includes many shortcuts, reflecting what she did not need to write down for herself but would be missed by another person to follow.
To help other users, when applicable and possible  I added a link to a similar recipe on the internet.

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