For the dough

For the filling

  1. Knead 50 g of icing sugar, flour, butter, 3 whole eggs, and lemon zest.

  2. A rectangular sheet of about two-thirds is stretched out, placed in a baking sheet, pricked slightly, and baked in a preheated oven about 15-20 minutes (350f).

  3. Chop almonds or walnuts, mix with cocoa, 100 g powdered sugar, cinnamon, and 3 whole eggs.

  4. Spread the baked dough with 4 teaspoons of jam and place the almond mixture on top.

  5. Roll the remaining raw dough into sticks and place it on top of it in a grid shape.

  6. Bake again and firmly over low heat (300f) about 10 minutes.

  7. When cooled, sprinkle with vanilla sugar. The gaps between the grids are filled with jam.