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500 gr flour

50 gr yeast

2 teas salt

½ teas. Sugar

3½ TBL oil

¼ cup lukewarm milk

1 egg

150 gr grated cheese

150 gr melted butter

150 g of sour cream

for brushing on top:​

  1. Combine all ingredients except butter.

  2. Knead to a smooth dough

  3. Roll it out thinly, spread it with 5 dkg of melted butter and we roll it up like bejgli. Flatten with a rolling pin and let rise covered for 20 minutes.

  4. Fold 2 times every 20 minutes. Roll to finger thickness, smear with a mixture of eggs and milk. Line it on a baking sheet, leave to rise for another half hour, and bake in a 400f oven.

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