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Lentil Goulas

For the goulash

25 dkg lenses

chicken breast fillet (or beef)

2 medium pieces of carrots

2 medium pieces of turnip

1 medium head onion

salt to taste

black pepper to taste (ground)

paprika to taste

bay leaves

1 liter sunflower oil

1.5 l of water


For the pinch

10 dkg of fine flour


salt to taste

  1. The lens was soaked last night.

  2. We clean the cleaned meat. The cleaned onion is cut into small pieces, the cleaned carrots are carved.

  3. On a few tablespoons of oil, we garnish the onion, pull it out of the fire and sprinkle it with red pepper and ground pepper. We bring it back to the fire and drop the meat cubes, wait until the meat leaves the meat a little bit (we start preparing the stew in fact).

  4. Drop the carrots, the filtered lens, the roots, the bay leaves, and pour it in for approx. 1.5 liters of water (water is added during cooking).

  5. When the lens and the meat are almost soft, we put the salt in and we put the pinch into it and cook it.

  6. Preparation of a pinch: 10 dkg of flour is gathered together with 1 egg, a small salt, and tiny pieces of dough are added to the soup or cooking water.

lentil goulash.jpg
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