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Stella's Bulgarian Burekas


1 kg. flour

3 cups tepid water (or less

3 TBL white vinegar

1 reas salt

3 TBL vegetable oil

2 TBL soft butter



4 medium potatoes

feta cheese

farmer cheese (in emergency cottage cheese can be used)


1 egg


I do not have exact measurements for the filling. the volume of the cheese can be about

1/4 of the potatoes.



1) mix and kneed all dough ing. until slick.

2) divide to 3 portions

3) roll each piece into a square smear with 2 T soft butter fold into three (envelope style), roll it up. Place in a plastic bag, store in refrigerator.

4) repeat step (3) a few times, over couple of days.

at this point you can use the dough or freeze it for future use.



Boil (unpeeled) potatoes until soft, peel, and mash (I use a ricer, but any potato masher will do).

combine with other filling ing.


Brush with egg wash and cover with sesame seed.

Bake till golden, about 25 min.

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